2023~2024新學年註冊將于 2023年5月15日開始,註冊通知點擊以下連結。The new school year 2023~2024 registration starts on 5/15/2023. Please click the link below for the details: 註冊通知/Registration Announcement

Please click following link to register: Registration

  • 年級選擇: 新學生會按年紀分發 ; 舊生則接續前一年級晉級
    School Grade Placement: A new student would enroll in the age-appropriate grade. A returning student is automatically assigned to one grade higher than their previous grade at Chinese School.
  • 班級選擇由計算機系統自動分配.
    The class assignment for your kid(s) will be randomly assigned by the computer system.
    班級額滿/候補名單: 請提供學生姓名,年級,聯絡方式並email 註冊組安排候補
    If the class is full, we are unable to accept online registration. If you would like to be on the waiting list, please send an email to with the name of the child, designated grade, and contact information. We will contact you if additional openings become available.
  • 如需退學,請登錄註冊網站,您會看到【Withdraw For ####-#### School Year】按鍵,點擊鏈接,按要求提交退學申請,系統會依規定計算需退的費用,學校將以此辦理退費手續。
    If you need to withdraw your child from the class, please log into your registration account, you shall see 【Withdraw For ####-#### School Year】button, click it and follow the instruction to submit withdraw request. The system will calculate the refund according to the registration and refund policy. The school will follow up and process the refund request. 

    Note: For withdrawal requests and refund amount, please refer to the withdrawal schedule. The refund amount is based on the time when the request email is received by registration.

  • 任何關於年級分配或是註冊問題請聯絡
    Any questions regarding appropriate grade, please contact

註冊須知 Registration Information (2022-2023)

入學標準 / Admission Policy
● 千橡中文學校歡迎在2019年9月以前出生
● 其他年級如有需要,可經由學力測驗來決
● 註冊時,必須填妥訴訟放棄權(Waiver),否則不予入學。
● TOCS accepts PreK-12 students who are interested in learning Chinese and were born before September 2018. New students need to provide a birth certificate to verify birth dates.
● A student may be asked to take a placement test given by the school to determine the appropriate grade level.
● Waiver document is required as part of the condition of the registration.
收費 / Fees (per student per year unless otherwise indicated)
1. 註冊費 / Registration Fee :$35 ● 不退費
○ Nonrefundable
2. 學費 / Tuition :$575 ● 語文課
● 6/30及以前註冊每位學生減免$50
○ Language class only
○ $50 discount if registered on and before 6/30
3. 文化課費用/ Cultural Class Fee :$80 ● 一年級/EC2 及以上的學生可選
● 9/30前可要求退或換文化課。10/1開始不能換選或退費。
● 9年級AP學生自動收費選修文化課(AP加強訓練),且不能
○ Optional and for students in 1st grade/EC2 and above only
○ 9/30 is the last day to request a refund or change class selection (space permitted). No change or refund after 9/30.
○ Grade 9 /AP students are required to take and pay for the 3rd period and cannot withdraw separately
4. 書費 / Textbook:$25 ● 九年級除外 – 另繳
● 開學日及以後不退費
○ For all grades except for 9th grade – TBD by teacher
○ Nonrefundable on and after 1st day of school
5. 家長會活動費 / PVA Activities
Please direct any question on this to :
● 退費標準與學費同
○ Refund policy same as tuition
6. 康谷華協會費/ CCCA
Membership:$20 per family
● 開學日及以後不退費
○ Nonrefundable on and after 1st day of school
學費退費標準 / Tuition Refund Policy
開學以前 100%
9/10 以前 90%
  * 10/1 之後不退文化課費用
1/1 以前 50%
Before 1st day of school 100%
Before 9/10 90%
  * No refund for cultural class starting 10/1
Before 1/1 50%
Nonrefundable on and after 1/1
晚註冊學費標準 / Late Enrollment Tuition
11/1-12/31 75%
Tuition is prorated for students who enroll after school starts:
11/1 — 12/31 75%
No registration on and after 1/1*
*只接受轉學生 (需證明) ;學費以全年學費的75%計算。Only accept transferred student with proof, tuition is 75% of the annual tuition.