Guidelines for Recording During Online Classes

Guidelines for Recording During Online Classes
1. 為了教學需求,老師可能會做視頻錄像,此錄像只在上課日9:15am-11:25am時段進行。
2. 如果老師與家長雙方都同意有教學錄像的必要,那麼請家長簽回錄像同意書。
3. 學生/家長均不可進行側錄偷拍行為,此行為在中文學校是”禁止”的,一旦違法,任何人均有法律追訴權。
4. 老師的的課程視頻僅做班級教學使用,任何人均不可公開上傳或做任何商業使用。

1. To better utilize online instruction methods and provide additional teaching materials for the students after school, photography, audio, or video may be recorded by the teacher during the online class period, 9:15am-11:25am on each school day.
2. If both the teacher and the parent agree that there is a need for video recording, please sign the video consent form and send to the teacher.
3. Parents and students are not allowed to take any photography/audio/video recordings. Chinese School reserves the right to discipline the students for such behavior, which may also involve legal prosecution.
4. The photography/audio/video recordings are for class instruction purpose only. Any public sharing or commercial use is not allowed.