Class Offered

班系 (語文班 &文化班 )
第一二節課語文班 (9:15-11:25)
本校採用拼音,並有繁體字及簡體字兩種字體可選。家長/學生可以選擇自己喜歡的字體。實用中文班教學只開到等級3, 且是中文和英文並用。學前班和幼稚園班沒有繁簡體之分。

● The school uses Pinyin (phonetic symbols) for traditional and simplified Chinese characters.
Parents/students can choose either the traditional or simplified characters.
● Everyday Chinese class-Bilingual : only offer up to level 3 .The instructor uses both Chinese and English for the instructions
● PreK & K has no traditional or simplified character options.
中文課類別(不同年級可能不同)Language class type (available types may vary by grade):
● M– Mixed; no separation for Simplified/Traditional Chinese-for PreK, K and 9th grade
● S– Simplified Chinese (簡體中文) – Grades 1-8
● T– Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) – Grades 1-8
● EC– Everyday Chinese (實用中文/簡繁體兼顧) with both Mandarin and English Instructions – 3 levels, EC1-EC3

Prek , K : 老師自選教材 (不分簡繁)
1-8th : 美洲華語 (分簡繁 )
9th : AP 教材 (不分簡繁)
Bilingual : EC 1 實用中文 / EC2 & EC3 學華語向前走
第三節課文化班 (11:35-12:25) :