Thousand Oaks Chinese School Update – Tuition refund




為確保您收到退款支票,請在4月30日前登錄您的註冊帳戶registration account,並確認 “父母1(payee)” 的姓名,電話號碼和家庭住址是否正確。學校將根據系統上的資料發送支票,對資料錯誤導致支票遺失概不負責


Dear Parents,

Thanks for all your support and stay with us during these difficult times.

Due to the Covid-19 situation with online class, the Chinese school will provide a partial tuition refund to currently enrolled students. The refund will include unused rental and school activity fees, as well as the fee refunded by PVA. The refund check will be mailed out (in a plain envelope – please check your mail carefully) by the end of May. The check is valid for 90 days from the issue date.

To ensure that you receive the refund checks, please log on to your registration account by April 30 and verify the name under “Parent 1 (that the check will be payable to) ” , phone number and home address are correct so we can issue checks to the correct party. School should not be held responsible for lost check due to incorrect address.

Any questions, please contact freely.