NO SCHOOL this coming Saturday, Sept. 3rd. Labor Day long weekend

Dear TOCS Families,
Thank you all for your support and cooperation for the first two weeks of new school year.  We had a very smooth school start.  
A few reminders:

  1. There is NO SCHOOL this coming Saturday, Sept. 3rd.  Enjoy the Labor Day long weekend!
  2. School will resume on Sept. 10th. 
  3. The same day, Sept. 10th, CCCA will hold the 5th Conejo Chinese Cultural Day at the Civic Arts Plaza from 11am to 4pm. No 3rd period class. Students and parents are welcome to participate this event.
  4. There are still some open seats for some of the 3rd period classes.  Encourage the students to register soon. 

Best regards,

    Jason MeiPrincipal

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Campus Address(上課地址):

Thousand Oak High School
2323 Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-3101

TOCS Weekly Update – Week 8/27


新學年在教職員們充分的準備之下順利完成了開學日,謝謝大家的努力和付出。若有任何問題,隨時發郵件或者Google chat裡提問。


1. (Prek, K, EC1-3,1st grade, 2nd grade) 請按指定時間準時放學下課,並由老師將學生帶至指定pick-up zone

2. 新老師們請回交兩周weekly status 和全年度的course syllabus 給Jennifer , 截止日期 8/30

3. 請老師自行在班級頁面上勾選班媽/班爸, 截止日期 8/30


4. 暑假作業回交截止日期 9/10 。老師或TA簡單批改後還給學生,但學生回交的名單email 給Jennifer  學校會統一發獎勵 (任何作業若請TA批改,請老師附上答案)

5. 問題聯絡:

·        教務問題請聯絡:  

·        註冊問題請聯絡:

·        教室使用問題請跟Vera 反映

·        校園安全問題請聯絡:

·        教具申請請跟Caroline聯絡:

·        教科書申請請跟Jennifer聯絡:  (美洲華語教具1-3年級有大字卡、語詞圖卡、故事海報, 4-8年級有大字卡和故事海報);若學生需要字典 $40/本

Upcoming event:

*9/3      Labor Day Weekend -NO SCHOOL (please remind students)

*9/10    CCCA Culture day

TOCS Moon Festival Celebration event

*9/17    Fire drill

Staff meeting I-7 office (11:00am- 12:00pm)

*9/24    Language teacher – 11:40am- 12:25pm

Best regards,

    Jason MeiPrincipal

Chinese School Website:

Campus Address(上課地址):

Thousand Oak High School
2323 Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-3101

Thousand Oaks Chinese School – Back to school Update 开学注意事项 (8/15/2022) – Action Required




1.     校園用yellow tape隔離開,保持兩個入口,安排工作人員檢查ID和巡邏(參見下圖)

Campus safety map.JPG

2.     憑Entry ID進校園:不測體溫,但必須戴口罩(Entry ID 各班級老師會發給學生)

3.     小小班學生(PreK, K, EC1-3, 1st, 2nd )按上學期放學時間提早放學,請注意各年級的放學時間以及pick-up zonedismissal time.jpg

4.     第三節課yellow tape撤除,允許家長進入校園內等候,但不可進入教室

5.     儘量維持社交距離,勤洗手,不分享食物

6.     家長進入學校需預約email to

7.     開學前請家長簽署Wellness Checklist Acknowledgment Form

8.     請各位家長密切關注家裡小朋友的身體狀況,如果有出現任何不舒服的症狀,包括輕微感冒,還請家長給孩子請個假,在家觀察

9.     如果有小朋友確診,請在家隔離至少5天,並告知老師,在回去上課之前,需出示48小時內的negative檢測結果

10.  跟確診病例有密切接觸的學生,在回去上課之前,需出示48小時內的negative檢測結果



Dear Parents,

The summer break is coming to the end, and the new school year is about to start. Thousand Oaks Chinese School is excited to welcome all students back to school on August 20th, 2022! All registered students should be able to see the class information in the registration system. Each teacher will contact the students and parents in the next few days to communicate the preparations for the start of the school. Please pay attention to the email notification.

In view of the current COVID situation is still not optimistic, the Chinese school decided to follow the same safety measures implemented at the end of last semester to ensure campus safety, and hope that everyone will cooperate. The key points are summarized as follows (please read the attachment for details):

  1. The campus is enclosed with yellow tape with two entry checkpoints (see the map in the attachment)
  2. Entry ID is required to enter the campus: No body temperature measurement, but must wear a mask (Entry ID will be sent out to students by the teacher shortly)
  3. Students in PreK, K, EC1-3, 1st, and 2nd grades will be dismissed early. Please pay attention to the dismissal time of each grade and the pick-up zone
  4. The yellow tape will be removed after 11:35am, and parents are allowed to enter the campus to wait, but not the classroom
  5. Recommend keeping social distance, washing hands frequently, and don’t share food
  6. Parents need to make an appointment to enter the school by email to
  7. Parents need to sign the Wellness Checklist Acknowledgment Form before school starts
  8. Please pay close attention to the physical condition of the children at home every morning on the school day. If there are any uncomfortable symptoms, including a mild cold, please take a leave of absence and inform the teacher immediately
  9. Encourage testing for the students with symptoms and the close contacts (within 6 feet for a cumulative total of 15 minutes over a 24 hour period) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (outside of a school setting). Students who test positive should stay home for at least five days.  Please notify the school teacher and quarantine according to the CDC guideline.
  10. Students who test positive and the close contacts are required to show negative results (<48 hours) before going back to school

In the next few weeks, TOCS will closely monitor the COVID situation to assess whether to further reduce the safety measures.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Best regards,

    Jason MeiPrincipal

Chinese School Website:

Campus Address(上課地址):

Thousand Oak High School
2323 Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-3101